Krittanon Kidprasert

Hello everyone, my name is Krittanon a.k.a Inony from Thailand. I grew up from a farmer family. My home business is orchid gardening. Export and sell in the country as well. I became interested in computers. Because I’m hardcore PC game and always update newest hardware. In 2013, I started learning about liquid cooling and trying to modify my PC and I've always enjoyed until now. To get a new design and overview, I'm always trial and error in my work. Even if it's more fail than succeed. If failure experience can makes me level up. I’m Max LV hahaha. I never run out of inspiration and passion. It made me feel competitive with myself. and find ways to develop skills all the time to get the job done.

Thank you Thermaltake for giving me this opportunity. It is very valuable and I will do my best.

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