John Lacerna

Also known as MadMods PC Modding, I started with this great hobby ten years back being influenced by the works of Tantricmodz and JP Modified to name a few. What began in a small corner of our house is now something that I am doing full time. I am also good friends with the people that I have always looked up to in this craft and these are the biggest things that I love about the PC modding community. Being able to share that passion and just enjoying the process of building something with your own hands as well as being an inspiration to one another. In addition It is very heartwarming to see my family enjoy the things that I build specially my 8 year old boy. Lastly I was lucky enough to find a partner in life that lets me do crazy things in which I am truly thankful for. Passion to the point of insanity, that is PC Casemodding for me, Mod On!!

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