Ronald Bodinger

Hi, I am Ronald Bodinger or Ronnie like most people call me. I started ripping apart electronics as a kid and grew up with 8bit machines which eventually evolved into PC’s in the mid 90’s. Always had the obsession to change hardware, change the design and just make things look like I wanted them to look! After running a Game Console Modding business for 5 years between 2012-2017 I got more serious about building my own watercooled PC rigs and did my first custom loops. In 2017 started doing client work and created my channel/profile TekTherapy on YouTube/Instagram. Since then I have been always trying to learn more about videography and shooting videos creatively besides the urge to do much more modding than the random builds.

Hi, I am Nicole Jeitler. I grew up with Arts around me, learning Instruments, painting just being creative overall. When I was a Teen I was always interested in Photography as well as special fx makeup. Which led to me studying SFX Makeup in 2019. And subsequently started my own Instagram and YouTube showing off what I can create. Around 2021, Ronnie and I started working on many projects together which evolved into sharing all the tasks. From Video production to creative tasks like painting, sculpting, and the general designs of projects. Since then we have been running TekTherapy together and trying to deliver better videos/projects every time.

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