United Kingdom

Rob De Luce

Online IM mostly known as Deblow or Megadeblow and my real name is Robert De luce married 10 years with 2 kids, I am from the largest town in the UK, Huddersfield.
After leaving school I studied art & design followed by graphic design, my jobs have mostly been art related in some way or another, the longest running job was working as a printer but I?ve done lots of other things over the years and started my own busness two years ago.
My hobbies include PC modding/building, motorbikes, painting/drawing, movies & I like to collect figures & other things relating to some of my favorite movies & comics.
I have been in to PC modding on and off Since around 20001, scratch builds are what I like the most but case modding is also fun to do. Completed two desk builds, Project alternate being the most popular and also a couple of case mods, Virtual, Tron and P3T2. I like to take pride in my work and along with looks I also try to make changes that help in usability or think of new things like Adding RGB to the build & the watercooling, as was done with my 2013 desk build (megadeblow), RGB is now a common thing so most things already come with the RGB option.
Love modding, everything not just PC's, like most known modders the best part is the messages of support from people Attempting to mod for the first time and looking for some advice, then showing you what they have accomplished.


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